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Donar's Hammer, not simply a weapon!

Hail the Gods: Thors hammer Mjolnir is mostly depicted a destructive force with which he summons lighting, hurricane force winds, and rain. Mjolnir is far from destructive alone. Donar’s hammer has a myriad of uses to include destruction and creation, war and peace, as well as love and hate. This mighty instrument will destroy all that may stand in its way yet is used to forge tools that the farmer needs to tend the fields. The war hammer (although not very similar to the look of Donar’s hammer) is meant to be swung by the most brutish man to slay his adversaries; at the same time is representative of man’s tempered fury while it is used to build a home. In love the hammer wards against foes while in hate it once again reverts to being used as a mighty instrument of determined annihilation. The Thunder Gods hammer is thought of as a symbol of protection because Midgardians revere the God of the people as he revers and loves the people. The Gods with Us. (JG20)

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